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Angie's List

"The Bakers have taken care of our travertine for 6 or 7 years. They do a great job, and the shine lasts for a long time. If we should spill something which causes an etch, the polishing kit they supplied really works well to restore the shine to that etched area."
Wayne & Lurie -Tapestry Canyon



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Angie's List

"Your company made me fall in love with my home again."
Lance C -Queen Creek



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About Baker's Travertine Power Clean

Cleaning • Honing • Polishing • Sealing • Grinding

My name has proudly been on my business since 1988. Starting out in carpet cleaning, we evolved into tile cleaning/repair and then transitioned into Travertine and natural stone finishing. Not satisfied with the standard and available products and tools to finish Marble, and almost nothing available specifically for Travertine, I researched and developed my own unique abrasive system. My system and our powerful quality equipment provides great results in sometimes less than half the time than our top competitors.

The stone-care craftsmen of Baker's Travertine Power Clean

Craftsman - A professional whose work is consistently of high quality. A man who practices a craft with great skill.

miles kochMiles Koch

Director of Field Operations, hired in 2003. Starting with Tom at 19 years old, Miles had already held a manager position at a movie theater in his hometown of Lake Havasu, AZ. He came to Tempe as a college student and began working immediately while attending school. Our confidence in Miles has grown with every square foot of stone he has finished. At over 1,000,000 square feet, that’s a lot of confidence! He began to lead our crew in 2006 with superior attention to detail ensuring excellent results for each customer.

Update 2016-We are blessed to have Miles still an integral part of our business and growth. He continues to be a strong crew leader and his knowledge of his craft is overwhelming. Very professional and Customers love him. We couldn't do this without him.

ray saenzRay Saenz

Foreman, hired in 2005. Ray was a good friend and neighbor since 1999 and we are so glad he finally came on board to work for us. After one year in the field with Tom and Miles, Ray’s knowledge and skills have grown to the point that he also leads jobs for us on a regular basis. Ray has at least 500,000 square feet of stone experience and much more to come.

Update 2016-Ray is another blessing whose knowledge and expertise of his craft is so impressive. His customer appeal is outstanding and leadership skills wonderful. Ray is an important part of our business everyday and we are grateful for his insights. He is proud dad to Noah.

Travis Shadwick

Foreman, hired in January 2011, Travis has grown well into the third foreman position. His loyalty and ability to meet the high standards set by Miles and Ray has allowed us to expand into three crews without compromising any quality of work. We have a ton of confidence in Travis' leadership and knowledge and are so lucky to have him aboard. Customers love him and his beard!.



Christina Sole

You will hear lovely Christina's voice when you call the office. She runs all our day to day operations with efficiency and a great attitude. She was another lucky find through Travis, who also happens to be her fiancee. Hired in 2014 just to do some data input, she quickly took over all the main office duties with confidence. The office is in good hands while the owners are off running bids everyday.



Brad Simpson

Brad came to us through Travis in September 2014 and he is a good find. Brad is a key component for us and all foreman love having him on their crew. He is one of our best leads, super reliable, mature and just wants to do a great job everyday. He is a great example for our junior crew members. He is proud dad to little Marley.



Chris Cota

Chris has been with us since July 2013 and has really grown as an employee. From general clean up to the occasional fill in as foreman, Chris is reliable, does an excellent job, and great with customer service. He is a happy guy with a persistent smile you will enjoy working with.





Glen Sherman

Glen has been with us off and on for ten years. Most recently he has been attending college and has been filling in our labor gaps which has been a huge help. We wish we could have him full time, or even as a foreman, but other goals are calling. Glen is very experienced, knowledgeable, great with customers and does an excellent job. He is proud dad to Gavin.




Kody Bicanek

Hired in January 2014, Kody is a great referral from a former employee. He has developed from general clean up to running buffers and becoming a solid lead for the the foreman. He has a good nature and is an asset to our crews. We are happy to have him.





Randy Clevenger

Hired in July 2015, Randy is a young man we have known since he was in third grade. He was friends with our son back in grade school and we crossed paths with him again. Timing is everything and he was in need of a job so we snatched him up. Randy does a great job and is easy to be around, he is well-liked by crews and customers.




Bryan Dupree

With us since October 2015, Bryan is another wonderful referral from a former employee. Bryan is a very likable young man with a great heart. He does a wonderful job and has the added talent of tile installer which has come in handy for our occasional repair work. We hope to keep him around for a long time.




Shawn Kelly

Shawn is a great referral from Chris from their past employment together. Hired in April 2016, he is one of our newest and always with a big smile and ready to go attitude. He is adept at customer service and is doing a great job for us.