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My name has proudly been on my business since 1988. Starting out in carpet cleaning, we evolved into tile cleaning/repair and then transitioned into Travertine and natural stone finishing. Not satisfied with the standard and available products and tools to finish Marble, and almost nothing available specifically for Travertine, I researched and developed my own unique abrasive system. My system and our powerful quality equipment provides great results in sometimes less than half the time than our top competitors.

Miles Koch

miles kochDirector of Field Operations, hired in 2003. Starting with Tom at 19 years old, Miles had already held a manager position at a movie theater in his hometown of Lake Havasu, AZ. He came to Tempe as a college student and began working immediately while attending school. Our confidence in Miles has grown with every square foot of stone he has finished. At over 1,000,000 square feet, that’s a lot of confidence! He began to lead our crew in 2006 with superior attention to detail ensuring excellent results for each customer.

Miles continues as a student while working full time for us. He continues to be a stellar employee and an integral part of our success as a business!

Ray Saenz

ray saenzForeman, hired in 2005. Ray was a good friend and neighbor since 1999 and we are so glad he finally came on board to work for us. After one year in the field with Tom and Miles, Ray’s knowledge and skills have grown to the point that he also leads jobs for us on a regular basis. Ray has at least 500,000 square feet of stone experience and much more to come.

Ray has at least 1 million sf under his belt and continues as a very important part of our team. Customers often compliment his hard work and friendly demeanor. Ray is becoming a father in November 2010-a boy, congratulations!

Ryan Allen

ryan allenSenior Crew member, hired in 2005. Ryan, the son of a longtime friend, joined us at 19 years old. Ryan has grown into a valued member of our team because of his dedication and hard work. Ryan’s abilities enabled us to form our core crew and take on more business while maintaining very high standards. Ryan has also reached 500,00 square feet of stone experience. He is the proud father of Abby, born in August 2007.

Ryan has also surpassed 1 million sf of stone finishing experience. Ryan also continues to help out with vehicle and equipment maintenance, which is very valuable to our operations. He is always willing to do extra, which is much appreciated!


Judge recently returned to us after a few years gaining retail management experience. He was then, and continues to be, one of our most personable crew members. We welcome back someone who has our specific experience, understands our system, works hard and has a great attitude. We are glad to have him as part of the team again!


Tim recently came on board with stone finishing experience from one of our competitors-whose insight has re-affirmed our superiority in the business. We were impressed with his creativity in putting his resume on our truck while parked in the driveway. We called right away and knew he would be a great fit. Tim is a hard worker who understands what needs to be done and does it well. His addition has enabled us to be more productive, glad to have him with us!

tom and amy bakerTom & Amy Baker

Tom is a Mesa, Arizona native who founded this business back in 1988 with little more than hope and a great outlook. It evolved from a carpet cleaning service to the specialized service of Travertine and natural stone care. Tom’s focus has always been to provide the best service, using the best tools, at a fair price, and always with honor and honesty.

Amy is a Michigan native and ASU grad. After many years in the local television business, she joined Tom in 2003 to help grow and organize the family business. They are blessed with one awesome son, Griffin. Tom & Amy run all the in-home estimates usually as a team and hope to meet you soon!

Most jobs we do are effectively staffed with a 3 person crew. We feel adding a fourth to anything more than a small job increases our attention to detail and provides the best results possible for the customer.


My local business is celebrating its 20th year in 2008. I built my company with an honest competitive spirit. I started in carpet cleaning with an electric carpet cleaning machine. It was called the "Super Duper Deluxe." You would think that would have enough power to clean carpets with a name like that, not so. So I installed the most powerful electric motor available that can be run off one standard plug without throwing the breaker. I had to run cords to two different parts of the house to avoid throwing a breaker. At that time gasoline powered machines were $7,000-$15,000. The $7,000 machine didn’t have as much power as my electric machine and part of the reason I couldn’t afford $15,000 was my business was based on the best quality work and not up selling extra (sometimes unnecessary) services and cleaning products.

I found an old gasoline machine that was one of the first prototypes for the carpet cleaning machines powered by a car motor. It was under a dusty old tarp. When I looked under the tarp seeing that it was powered by a car motor, I realized this was the power I needed to do the best carpet job. I told the man I wanted it and he said no it’s too old and has problems. I said "Perfect it’s got to be a good deal then, right?" He practically gave me the machine and I rebuilt it personally. It served well with the power I needed for over 10 years. My Power Clean carpet cleaning system was very simple but the right way to do the job. Aggressive chemicals to clean, heated water to rinse and a powerful machine to extract as much water as possible.

Now the best machines are $25,000. I have two of them.

About 10 years ago I started repairing, cleaning, and sealing Ceramic tile and grout. This new service quickly took over as our main service. As Travertine became more popular I started attending stone restoration certification classes. Most of these were powder systems. Powdered abrasives have specific abilities but are not able to completely give the finisher what’s needed to do the job properly, especially with Travertine. So as I researched other systems I found that there was a very poor selection of products for the stone finishing industry. I was very honest with my first Travertine customers I explained that my knowledge and the ability of the abrasive processes were limited and so I was limited as well. So I started researching abrasives from around the world for all different industries, not just the ones for the Stone finishing industry. I installed Travertine in my barn and started experimenting with different abrasive processes that had nothing to do with Stone finishing as well as everything available for Marble and stone. No expense was spared! This actually worked very well. We discovered several different custom abrasive processes and over the years this open attitude has never ceased. After more than 1,000,000 ft.² of work done for happy customers, I feel we have the most complete Travertine finishing system in the world.

That’s my story. We hope to make you a happy customer too.

Tom Baker

Bonded / Insured / Contractor License AZROC 237989 / BBB Member