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Services – Marble

Marble has been chosen as a floor covering for thousands of years not only because it is durable but mainly because its ability to be a work of art. We have all the standard abrasives such as diamond pads and powders for cleaning, sealing and polishing marble. Our never ending effort to advance the abrasive processes for travertine have given us an advantage over our competitors because we can use these techniques for the beautification of marble as well.

The cleaning, finishing, and sealing methods for Marble are very similar to what we do for Travertine and Limestone. (Click here to return to Travertine Services)

The sheen on this kakar marble floor in the Phoenix, Scottsdale area casts a beautiful reflection after being cleaned by Baker's Power Cleaning and Polishing

Some Important Notes on Marble:

Marble is a denser stone than Travertine which means less air pockets and less fill overall. It comes in a very wide variety of colors and usually looks its best at a medium high shine or high gloss polish. The very low amount of filler provides for a very clear and consistent shine throughout the Marble floor.

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This marble batthroom in a Phoenix home has a wide variety of colors that really stand out when polished  White marble with a high gloss polish makes for a very elegant master bath entrance in this luxury Scottsdale home

Above Left: This Marble bathroom has a huge variety of colors that really stand out when polished.

Above Right: White Marble with a high gloss polish makes for a very elegant master bath entrance.


Poorly installed marble tile floor The marble floor in this Scottsdale home had uneven edges before our custom grinding process. Here are the results

Before (above left): This dull Marble suffered a very poor installation with uneven edges throughout.
We used our custom grinding process to level the edges as best as possible and then re-polish.

After: The result is a dramatic improvement in color, clarity, shine and softer, more even edges.
*Grinding is a harsh process and not always the best option, stones and situations vary greatly*


Old tile with dirty, discolored grout      After cleaning and coloring the grout is beautiful

Before: Dirty, dark grout with permanent staining on a 15 year old floor.

After: Grout re-coloring makes the grout look brand new and seals it against further staining.