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Services – Ceramic Tile, Grout and Porcelain

Cleaning | Grout Re-Coloring


The Power Clean Method for Ceramic & Porcelain tile is pretty straightforward. We use our custom abrasive system to clean the surface of the tile and the grout lines. Since Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are non-porous, they do not require sealing. Ceramic/Porcelain tiles cannot be buffed to change the appearance as natural stone can. Grout is very porous and absorbent. Our powerful truck mounted clean up machine is very effective at cleaning grout. Due to its absorbent nature, some grout staining can be permanent.

Grout Re-Coloring

Clear penetrating sealers do very little to protect and close up the pores of grout. It can never hurt to apply it, but there is a better way. We use a siliconized acrylic Concrete stain, color matched to your original grout shade to not only seal the grout, but make it look brand new. This sealant is applied after a thorough cleaning with our system and only takes a few hours to dry. This will make regular maintenance easier and keep the grout looking clean and new. This service can be applied to grout between natural stone as well.

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ceramic tile 1

Before: Dirty, dark grout with permanent staining on a 15 year old floor.

ceramic tile 2

After: Grout re-coloring makes the grout look brand new and seals it against further staining.