Saltillo tile is a handmade clay tile. Saltillo is very soft and extremely porous. It ranges in colors from yellows through the reds and even brown. Manganese Saltillo is dark gray to brown. Originally Saltillo tile was sealed with linseed oil which darkens it. The oil is soaked into the tile to help keep the water and stains out. Oil stains in Saltillo appear as dark spots and when oil sealed help to camouflage. When Saltillo tile started to become a common floor covering, shiny topcoat sealers were applied to give the tiles a shiny appearance as well as being sealed. Generally a clear coating will not darken the tiles. Saltillo tile is a very delicate floor covering. Even during installation it can be permanently discolored, losing it ability to be restored. Restorability is the ability to bring the floor back to a condition at a certain point in time. Loss of restorability is any permanent damage that can not be repaired.