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"Why Choose Us?"

One of the common questions in meeting with new potential customers is

"Why should I choose you, why are you better or different than your competitors?"

This is a fair and big question. After 17 years of specializing in stone care, there are more companies to choose from than ever before.

It's my job to convey our expertise, clear up common misconceptions and answer all your questions clearly and confidently so that you will choose us. Then follow through with fantastic results so you are ecstatic that you did!

  1. Tom and Amy BakerAll bids are done with the owners Tom and Amy Baker in person. We want to answer all your questions and provide the best explanation of what we do.
  2. Detailed written bids are provided for clear communication about what is proposed and to manage expectations fairly.
  3. We are properly licensed for our trade and legal to work in your home from the moment we step inside. We are also fully insured and bonded for your protection. Many companies are not.
  4. Our lead foremen have been with us for over ten years. Another foreman for over 5 years. Seasoned professionals are running your project. All of our crew members are talented and eager to do a great job. Every crew member is English speaking and courteous.
  5. Our website is the most extensive in our industry to help educate and inform you about who we are, what we do, and even some geology lessons about stone. (We've been plagarized several times...)
  6. Our equipment is powerful and efficient. We use truck mounted cleanup machines. We won't show up with mops and buckets or just shop vacs to manage your project as many competitors do.
  7. Specialists in stone. I have evolved a very customized process not available to the general industry. I did this out of necessity so I could feel good about our work. Accepted industry standard of "honing" — which our competitors follow — is not good enough and can damage your stone.
    Our spcialized processes are processes known only to Baker's because we developed them over time and trial. This is a key reason we are better than the "industry standard". We aim to take the standard to a higher level. Out of the box thinking has served us well for the best outcome.

    Customized tool heads and buffer plates designed to work better on natural stone. I design & make these tools myself for more efficiency, sturdier construction, easier to use for our crew, and the best results for you.

    Polish compounds that are made to my specifications. Another item not available to the general industry. Smoother polishes without those swirly polish scratches we often see from other stone finishers.

    • Custom abrasives that are found outside our industry but offer proven great results. We use the safest abrasives. The goal is to make your stone pretty and clean, not tear it up with over aggressive sanding. Proper abrasive knowledge is key to a good outcome. This is not a cookie cutter service where one process fits all stone floors. We have the ability to adapt to every stone situation.

    Pioneered the use of citrus based solvent sealers. Another custom component of our system. It is the safest yet still effective solvent based penetrating sealer.

  8. Time and experience is the best teacher. Carpet cleaners are jumping into our industry every day by taking a generalized 3 day class that now makes them "experts" in stone finishing. There is a true learning curve and expertise to what we do. It is not learned in a weekend class. We are not experimenting in your home.
  9. We keep the jobsite clean, respecting your property and the work of other contractors at all times.
  10. Jobs are completed on time. Our crews are there to work. No naps or lunch runs.
  11. You will always get our very best, your job is our masterpiece.
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We specialize in polishing, sealing, repair and restoration of travertine, marble, flagstone (indoor and outdoor), patios slate and all types of natural stone. We have travertine in our company name, but that doesn't mean we are not experts with other stone surfaces like marble flagstone patios and slate restoration.

I have invented custom sealers and blend them myself. No other sealers compare to how our sealers perform for travertine, marble, flagstone, slate, limestone, cantera and saltillo tile. Polishing travertine marble and limestone is the best way to seal these types of natural stone surfaces.

We primarily work in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Phoenix. We do travel to Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff, Tucson and other Arizona cities. We've also traveled for large projects in Telluride Colorado and Mammoth California.

Tom & Amy Baker