The kit is best used on small etches on marble, travertine and limestone. If your natural stone has large etching or staining, it would be better to hire our professional restoration crew to clean and polish the entire stone surface.

What is an Etch?

An etch is a dull spot on a polished travertine, marble or limestone surface resulting from a natural chemical reaction caused by contact with an acidic solution.

Common liquids containing acid:

  • Lemonade
  • Wine
  • Vinegar
  • Pet accidents
  • Soda
  • Tomato sauce
  • Cleaners like CLR, Lime-Away….. and many more.

This Kit Contains:

  • White Polish Powder (non-acidic)
  • White Polish Pad
  • Tan Polish Paste (acidic)
  • Tan Polish Pad
  • Dark Brown Abrasive Pad

White Polish Powder for use with White Polish Pad:

This is a non-acidic compound used for very light etches in the stone or to remove light etch haze if the Tan Polish Paste is used first. Less is always better. The more aggressive the process, the more likely the area worked could stand out from the rest of the finish. White Polish Powder will not leave an etch haze if the solution dries on the stone while you are working on it. If you are uncertain how deep an etch is, try this first and go more aggressive if it doesn’t show any improvement.

Tan Polish Paste for use with Tan Polish Pad:

This is an acidic compound that is more aggressive to help restore deeper etches. If the solution dries on the stone while you are working, it will leave an etch haze. You then need to use the White Polish Powder & White Polish pad to polish out the haze.

Dark Brown Sanding Pad:

Use this with water only. This abrasive pad is the most aggressive in the kit and used to pre-sand deep etches before using the compounds. Follow pre-sanding with Tan Polish Paste/Pad and then White Polish Powder/Pad in that order.

Follow the directions and warnings on the jars and keep in mind restoring etches is not an exact science with exact steps. Patience and good observation will see you through and should provide a good result.