Concrete pavers are durable and add beauty & character to outdoor decking, driveways and pathways. Concrete pavers are subject to fade in the Arizona sun and require maintenance to protect their color and maintain a fresh and clean appearance.We have developed Paver Protector Pro sealer specifically for concrete pavers to do just that.

Owner Tom Baker talks about his system and why he developed Paver Protector Pro sealer

Concrete pavers on top half of the picture look washed out and dull compared to the freshly cleaned and sealed pavers in the bottom half of the image.

First a deep clean with buffers and truck mounted hot rinse. Cleaner the better so sealer can soak in effectively

Concrete paver crew sealing with Paver Protector Pro

Benefits of Paver Protector Pro for concrete pavers
  • Natural enhancement to protect color & slow erosion
  • Helps reduce or eliminate permanent stains
  • Much easier to maintain against common tire marks, bird dropping, tree stains–hose/brush off.
Image shows pavers before treatment Image shows vibrant color of concrete paver after treatment


Before (left) and After: The concrete pavers are clean and naturally enhanced with clear Paver Protector Pro sealer